Where do I order from?

Please check out our geo-locator to find the closest dispensary and delivery service near you.

What if my pen stops working?

If your pen stops working, please return the pen to the dispensary or delivery service where it was purchased within 30 days of purchase date, or please send an email to our customer service at info[at]beboe.com or use the Contact link.



Making cold water hash is a long and laborious process, but it is one of the most natural ways to protect and preserve the natural magic of cannabis.

With skillful cultivation, our 100% organic plants are grown without pesticides or chemicals and harvested in their prime. Cannabinoids are extracted using only ice and water (no solvents) and then concentrated into a hash powder. The result is a clean, unique and naturally gentle high.

Each Downtime Indica pastille contains 3mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. Each Inspired Sative pastille contains 5mg of THC and 3mg of CBD.